Skilled & Trained Workforce Preparation
Do you work for school districts using either the Lease Leaseback or Design Build methods? Starting January 1,  2016, ALL of your journeyworkers on these projects will need to be skilled and trained as defined by these new laws.

A skilled and trained journeyworker is defined as:

A graduate of a state approved apprenticeship program OR someone who has verifiable experience equal to an apprenticeship program graduate.

The law then requires that a percentage (20 - 60 % over the next five years) of these journeyworkers be state approved apprenticeship program graduates.  

It is important to note that the new laws apply to the prime and it's subcontractors at every tier. The school districts will want monthly documented verification of your skilled and trained workforce while the project or contract is being performed. In the case of Lease Leaseback, the law states that if the  “entity” (ie. the contractors) fail to provide the school district's governing board with the monthly report, the school district shall immediately cease making payments.  

We know you have a skilled and trained workforce and are here to help! Here's a handy checklist to help you prepare:

  1. Assess your current workforce.
    -You need to determine who (of those you have classified as a journeyworker) actually meets the qualifications. 
    -The Minimum Training Criteria established by the California Apprenticeship Council gives you the number of hours equivalent to completing an apprenticeship program by occupation. For example: It states a carpenter must have at least 4,800 on-the-job hours and four years of experience.

  2. Find out who has graduated from an apprenticeship program. Collect certificates.
    California graduates from 1998 and on can get a copy of their certificate from the DIR websiteGraduates earlier than 1998 can contact the Division of Apprenticeship Standards for a manual search and then request a copy. 

  3. Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with us. 
    -Our experts will work with you to design a plan to fit your company's specific needs.
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